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I S H O N G O   E A R T H W O R K  is a Earth First Small Business based in Chicago. We are dedicated to providing quality, health fortifying teas and herbal infusions in our effort to enhance greater well being and vitality within the current human experience.


The inspiration of this project started with our family and friends. Making healthy, quality products for those we love has been the foundation of building out our daily practice.               



All our teas, herbs, and roots are grown in house as well as by local growers, community farms, and organic fair trade companies [No pesticides, No GMO's]. We test all of our fresh herbs for heavy metals and environmental toxins. We see building with community as an integral part of the success of our products. Our community partners are the backbone of our business, sharing in resources and recipe creation from various cultures and communities across the Chicagoland area. ​



We have invested a great deal of time and love into developing teas and tisanes to aide in the process of well being and vitality. Locked into the cellular structure of each tea leaf, flower, root, and herb lies the magical world of nature's healing properties. We have created teas in response to many of the common ailments and dis-ease plaguing the current human experience, much in part due to lack of adequate self care as required by our ancestral bodies.  We live in a fast past world that doesn't place much value in slowing down, and taking time to care for ourselves. Just the mere act of creating time to make yourself a cup of health fortifying tea is an act of self care, well-being, and mindfulness.



We are an Earth First Small Business. We see great value in remaining small and especially in putting our planet and it's inhabitants first. We live in a time where major corporations have claimed land, seeds, water, and natural resources as intellectual property. Nature's supreme intelligence has been replaced by destructive business practices that are resulting in the breakdown of our environment and causing illness, dis-ease, and over all dysfunction at a rapid rate. We strongly encourage our communities across the globe to become more aware of business practices that are negatively impacting the planet and therefore the human experience, and take small steps in making more human(e) choices around the products and services we choose in our day to day lives. Become an advocate for a healthier planet at every level.  We must all share in the responsibility to care for our planet, our people, and future generations. 

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